camh :: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Integrated Campaign :: Our mission was to bring mental illness out of the shadows and turn it into a mainstream conversation. To do this we used dozens of hashtags to illustrate two contrasting outcomes of mental illness. With a multi-media campaign, we encouraged the public to go to our website and help us put a spotlight on the devastating ripple effect mental illness can have on our society when it goes untreated, as well as the hope that’s created when it does get treated.

Watch the campaign video.

Newspaper :: Back-to-back full-page ads showed two contrasting stories of people suffering from mental illness.
Digital :: Users were prompted to follow the story of a person who’s been touched directly by mental illness.

Television :: Viewers were encouraged to share their new understanding of mental illness.

Website :: On our website users were prompted to share their new understanding of mental illness in one of two ways. They could either share one of a dozen negative effects when it goes untreated or one of many positive effects when it does get treated.

Steven Kim Creative 2021