Seoul, Korea

My career in advertising began when I was awarded the coveted Maclaren McCann tuition scholarship from the Ontario College of Art. As part of the scholarship I was also granted a summer internship at the agency. Humbly looking up to the great minds there, I quickly learned that the only way to great work is a great work ethic.

Since then, my work ethic combined with a love for the business of creativity have guided me to generate a string of smart, award-winning work at Ambrose Carr Linton Caroll, BBDO, Dentsu and currently, Giants & Gentlemen.

What I love the most about being creative is the chase for purity and simplicity from concept to execution. My ability to quickly zoom in and out to different perspectives drives my critical thinking. I’m a thoughtful motivator, always pushing for work that is well-considered yet effortless in craft.

I’m also an award-winning photographer. I’ve been commissioned for work in advertising, editorial and social by various brands and collaborators.

I live in Toronto with my wife (my rock) and my son (my motivation).


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Advertising & Design Club of Canada
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